Are you looking for professional interpreters, translations or mediation with the French, Dutch or English language? Leonie Valckx is there to help you.



Are you in need of professional interpreters for your convention? Do you want to host a foreign delegation? Do you need support during a conversation? french business is the right solution for you.


We translate your work from French, Dutch and English to all three of the beforementioned languages. We are competent to do sworn translations.


Are you in need of content or logistical support with your project? Do you need help to guide yourself or your company in the Dutch society? We are there to help you.



Leonie Valckx is raised in Paris. Since 1995 she is living in Amsterdam. Her knowledge of the French and Dutch language and culture makes her the right person to bring entrepreneurs from both countries together. Since 2004 Leonie Valckx is working as a translator French and she has a large amount of professional knowledge. Furthermore, she has a large professional network that she is willing to share with you.

Previously Leonie was working in the French and Dutch filming industry.

There she learned how to plan, produce and operate events.


Simultaneous interpreter

Are you looking for simultaneous interpreters working from a cabin for your conference? french Business is there to help you. We collaborate with highly skilled interpreters that are capable of doing this sort of work.

Whisper interpreter

Do you prefer simultaneous whisper interpreters? That is also a possibility. In that case we would work with microphones and headsets. This somewhat more flexible way of interpreting is especially our preference for guiding delegations that go to multiple locations. This is also a perfect solution for trainings and seminars.

Consecutive interpreter

Consecutive interpreting during a visit to colleagues, customers, the bank or the notary is also an option.

We provide our services to both firms and individuals. Wherever you are you can count on a sworn interpreter.


Because of our expertise your meetings will run smoothly. Evidently all information that is discussed will remain confidential.

Commercial translation

Exemplary translation of for instance commercial brochures or promotional material are an illustration of services that we can provide. french Business guarantees that your message will be transferred.

Sworn translation

Furthermore, we make sworn translations from and to French, Dutch and English. Diploma’s, birth certificates, condolences cards, juridical pieces and medical statements.

Fast delivery

french Business vouches for the best quality and you can always count on a fast delivery time.

Content & logistics

Do you have desires related to the content or logistics?

Do you want to organise an exchange with foreign colleagues?

That are examples of services that we can provide through bringing you into contact with the right persons.


Do you want to make an appointment with a notary, a customer or an organisation? french Business can help you with that.

Audio-visual support

Where needed we offer audio-visual support for fair prices. Our service is always accompanied by the best professional equipment.